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Science: BTEC, applied and vocational courses
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Many students find the transition from GCSEs into post 16 courses difficult and can lack confidence in the basic skills, practical skills and topics that they encounter during their studies. This title supports students following BTEC and other applied or vocational courses through common areas of misunderstanding or difficulty.

Resources include GCSE checker tasks, basic skills tasks including key mathematical skills, practical skills tasks and knowledge booster tasks covering a diverse range of subject topics such as forensic science and psychology. The resource is perfect for a range of students including those who struggle at a post 16 level, have misunderstood or forgotten key skills or have missed lessons.

★ Topic builders to cover key areas of applied science courses, including forensic science and psychology

★ Checker tasks to help find gaps in knowledge

★ A broad range of mathematical and data handling skills essential for vocational courses

★ Tasks covering essential practical skills and techniques for the vocational and BTEC scientist

★ CD containing the whole book for ease of printing or displaying on a whiteboard

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