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Time Trek

By Tommy Donbavand & Steve Beckett

Reading Age 7-8,  Interest Age 9-12,  Word Count 1,300-1,400

Follow the adventures of Spike and Mia as they travel back in time to stop Spikes uncle, Dr Darius Dire, from stealing artefacts from historical figures in Tommy Donbavand’s new series, Time Trek.

Spike and Mia are frequently joined by Igor, Dr Dire’s cat, as they embark on fun filled journeys through time, bumping into historical figures including Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Vincent Van Gogh and even the Bard himself, William Shakespeare.

The eight stories take place over different periods in time and have been specifically written for children aged 9-12 but who have a reading age of 7-8. The simple yet punchy sentence structures, vibrant colour illustrations and humorous themes will entertain and enthral your reluctant readers time and time again.

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Key features of Time Trek

  • Humorous and light-hearted storylines
  • Dyslexia-friendly font and spaced out paragraphs
  • Age-appropriate look and feel, coupled with realistic amounts of text
  • General introduction ensures that each book can be read as a standalone novel, whilst in context with the others in the series
  • A page at the beginning to introduce the characters and highlight and difficult vocabulary
  • Colour illustrations to hold the reader’s interest and encourage the sense of achievement created from turning the page
  • Questions at the back to help the reader understand and contextualise the text
  • An informative and fun introduction to the author and illustrator

Mia and Spike
Time Trek Logo
Time Trek: Rampage Through Rome
Time Trek: Nightmare through the Nile
Time Trek: Chaos in Camelot
Time Trek: Emergency for England
Time Trek: Grief at the Globe
Time Trek: Skirmish at Sea
Time Trek: War over Waterloo
Time Trek: Frantic in France
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Buy Rampage through Rome
Buy Rampage through Rome
Buy Rampage through Rome
Buy Rampage through Rome
Buy Rampage through Rome
Buy Rampage through Rome
Buy Rampage through Rome
By Tommy Donbavand & Steve Beckett