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   Gigglers – Plunkett Street School

Reading Age 8 - 9

Interest Age 9 - 13

Eight new comedy readers for your pupils with an emphasis on fun! These amusing books, set in a school environment, are easy to read and can be used to support PSHE. Each book contains a vocabulary page, along with hints and tips about how the narrative is constructed.

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Facing Fears (Book Band Purple)

“Bruno has a bee buzzing around him,” whispered Ruby.

“So?” snorted Nelson. “It’s just a bee.”

“Bruno is afraid of bees,” said Miles. Nelson laughed so hard it hurt his stomach.

“Shhhhhh!” said Ruby. “You’ll make the bee angry!”

Nelson rolled his eyes. “Has anyone noticed how big Bruno is and how small that bee is?”

Facing Fears
The Mind Reader
The Missing Class
Forgetful Friday
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Feelings (Book Band White)

“Is there a problem, Nelson?” asked Miss Horsewood.

“No,” said Nelson casually.

“Then why aren’t you working on your poem?”

“Because my feelings don’t take orders,” explained Nelson. “They don’t like poetry.”

“Do your feelings like detention?” asked Miss Horsewood.

The Lunchbox (Book Band Lime)

Holly skipped up to Miles, who had his head between the steps and his bottom in the air. “Miles, what are you doing?”

“I’m trying … to get … something … er, nothing,” said Miles, grunting and huffing. Holly peered behind the steps and watched Miles digging around the “nothing”. Miles had cleared the dirt away from the top of a small, metal box with a handle. His heart began to race.

A Very Special Guest (Book Band Lime)

Miss Fazio marked the register, like she did every morning. Everyone said “yes” when their name was called — except for Bruno, who always said “present”.

“Pascal?” asked Miss Fazio. 

Pascal said something that sounded like “wee”. Brooke and Beatrice giggled. Everyone stared at Pascal. He hid behind his hair. 

“Do you want a pencil, Pascal?” asked Leon.

“Wee,” said Pascal, looking up.


The Mind Reader (Book Band Purple)

Ruby was drawing a picture. She looked up and asked, “Rahib, what am I thinking right now?”

Just then, Leon missed a hard, fast handball shot from Miles, and the ball hit Ruby’s head. “Owww!” she cried.

Rahib became very still. “You are thinking … handball is a stupid game, and they should play something else.”

“Wow,” said Ruby, “you really can read minds!”

Forgetful Friday (Book Band White)

Bruno had his head under Miles’ desk. He was tying Miles’ shoelaces together.

“Are you looking for Ming’s glasses, Bruno, or have you lost something?” asked Miss Fazio. Bruno jerked out from under the desk, bumping his head.

“Lost something?” repeated Bruno. “Um, well, my mum says I lost my mind ages ago.”

“I’m sure you won’t find it under Miles’ desk,” said Miss Fazio.

The Missing Class (Book Band White)

At last Heeni got to school, but the grounds were empty.

“Oh no,” sighed Heeni. “The bell has already gone. I’ll be in trouble for being late.” Heeni had never been in trouble at school before.

“Late, late, late. I am soooo late,” panted Heeni, as she rushed through the school gate.

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The Library Games (Book Band Lime)

Bruno opened his mouth, just to get some air. Ms Mingo pointed to her favourite sign. It said QUIET! in angry, red letters. Bruno breathed as quietly as he could.

“I am putting you on my list of children who cannot borrow for one week,” Ms Mingo declared. “Now, sit.” Sitting was Ms Mingo’s second big rule. She did not allow wandering in her library.

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