Big Top of Horrors

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Big Top of Horrors

Roll up, roll up!

Boys and girls…

Take your seats…

Come and see what the Big Top of Horrors has in store…

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The school bus arrived at the funfair.

“Welcome to the Big Top of Horrors,” said the Ringmaster.

“If you are lucky, you might even get to go home again.”

The pupils laughed. They thought the Ringmaster was joking.

But then strange things started to happen…

Do your students dare to enter the Big Top of Horrors?

Filled with evil clowns, mad magicians and a Ringmaster who may or may not be there to help - who will escape and who will be doomed!

Reading Age: 6-6.5   |   Interest Age: 12+   |   Word Count: 400-600
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