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Between The Lines

Our brand new series of fiction for struggling teenage readers, Between The Lines, will appeal to teenagers and young adults with its exciting and diverse storylines.

All eight titles are set across a range of landscapes - in familiar places such as schools and homes as well as spanning the Yorkshire moors, the Mediterranean and South India. The stories in this series feature mature and serious themes touching on abandonment, addiction, loss, homelessness, love, war, dystopia and the essence of humanity itself. They have a realistic word count of 5,000-6,000. Written by experienced authors who are experts in developing stories for struggling readers, these titles will capture the interest and imaginations of boys and girls alike.

Key series features:

Interest Age 12+, Reading Age 8-9
Dyslexia-friendly design with bite-sized chunks of text and line spacing.
Off-white paper to reduce visual stress on sensitive eyes.
Written by experts in developing stories to appeal to teenagers.
Mature themes ranging from abandonment and loss to the essence of humanity itself.
Action-packed and thought provoking stories to appeal to teenagers.
Novel-like look and feel, with some titles up to 6,000 words.
Modern and appealing covers.
Fulfilling a need for age-appropriate fiction aimed at struggling teenage readers.

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Between The Lines
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