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This series provides structured arithmetic practice presented in a clear format and each workbook includes:

  • Activities, exercises and games
  • Clear, accessible worksheets
  • Fun context
  • Staged teaching processes
  • CD for ease of printing and projecting on your whiteboard
  • Aligned to the new curriculum

Maths Sharpener: Arithmetic

KS2 Arithmetic for the new curriculum

By J H Rice

Available to Order – Published January 2014

The new Maths curriculum has increased emphasis on arithmetic and the different ways calculations can be made. This Maths Sharpener series will help support teachers and pupils as they get to grips with the new curriculum while still injecting some fun into maths lessons.

Set in an android world called the ‘Robosphere’, Big Head the robot and his Digibots will steer your pupils through standard forms of calculation to develop their proficiency and confidence.

Fun drawings and activities strike a balance with carefully constructed exercises to scaffold pupil learning. 

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Years 3/4 Workbook

Each section within this book begins with Teacher’s notes which provide further information about methodology and contextualise activities as necessary, followed by photocopiable activity sheets. The activities are presented within the context of a robot world with two introductory sheets establishing this theme as well as making familiar the mathematical symbols and digibot motifs used throughout. Topics covered include place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, doubling and halving, multiplication methods, division and general resources.

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Years 5/6 Workbook

Topics covered within this workbook include place value and decimal places, exploring multiplication, methods of multiplication, division and calculation families, using inverses and finding missing numbers, rounding numbers, negative numbers, binary, roman numerals, brackets, prime numbers, square numbers and cubed numbers. Each section begins with Teacher’s notes followed by photocopiable activity sheets. As with Years ¾, an introductory page is included establishing the robot theme and the digibot motifs used throughout the workbook.

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Note from the author

“It is a common observation that teaching methods appear to cycle from formal to informal, from didactic teaching to more creative approaches. The new curriculum for maths may seek to emphasise the subject’s interconnectedness and creativity but there is an evident focus upon calculation within the primary phase. Establishing such functionality at an early stage provides the necessary tools for children to begin the exploration of number and pattern. These books provide example of key strategies within calculation.”
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Introducing Big Head…

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