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Accompanying the highly successful English Sharpener Grammar & Punctuation book and English Sharpener Spelling book, these engaging 48 page workbooks are perfect preparation for the Year 6 SATs English grammar, punctuation and spelling test.

Pupil Workbooks are ideal for use in literacy lessons in the classroom or at home, ensuring pupils develop these key skills for the test. These books can also be introduced in Year 5, laying the foundation of essential English skills to build upon in Year 6.

Grammar & Punctuation Pupil Workbook

There is something daunting in the word ‘grammar’. Our aim is to show how an exposure to, and understanding of different grammatical structures can give children the chance to express their ideas, hopes, and imaginations more fully in both speech and writing. Learning grammar can become an exercise in possibility, rather than in what is not allowed.

This full colour resource, specially designed for Year 6 pupils taking the KS2 National Test for grammar and punctuation, is full of fun and engaging activities that ensure your students are laughing and learning with old friend Inspector Grammar and his trusty hound Punctuation Pooch.

Fellow Detectives!

Pooch and I can’t tell you how pleased, happy, delighted, and overjoyed we are to have you on board. There are so many words and sentences out there these days that it’s hard to keep track. Just imagine how many words people type and read every day or how many full stops and question marks there are in your library alone. Can you guess how many words you read without even realising it every day?

Don’t be mistaken. Words are not just squiggles on a page. Most of what we humans do involves words and they can be the most powerful things in the world. They can make people laugh and cry, they can start and stop wars, they can save lives.

That’s why it’s great you are going to become detectives too. If you can train your ears and eyes to notice the power of words, you will be able to harness their strength as well as resist those who would use them against you. Stay sharp, and enjoy the endless possibilities of words!

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English Sharpener Spelling Workbook

Spelling Pupil Workbook

Learning how to spell is, ultimately, a personal experience. For many children, correct spelling develops alongside their reading ability; they become able to sound out or visualise familiar letter patterns and apply these to unknown words. Other children can experience difficulty and benefit from a more rigorous, rule-based approach.

Enjoyable and appealing activities will ensure your students are laughing and learning with Eggstein, the chicken genius, in this full colour resource specially designed for Year 6 pupils taking the KS2 National Test for spelling.

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There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language so it’s hardly surprising that everyone misspells a word once in a while!

Learning the correct spelling for each one of those words would be impossible but help is at hand: learning some simple rules will help you to spell lots of words.

This book has been made to help you learn these rules and become a successful speller.

Grammar and Punctuation Workbook
Pack of 6
ISBN: 978-1-78147-447-1

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Spelling Workbook
Pack of 6
ISBN: 978-1-78147-447-1

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- Inspector Grammar's introduction that will feature in the workbook.

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- Introduction that will feature in the workbook.

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