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Jane A C West

Jane West’s lucky number is 13 – which could explain a lot. Born on the 13th of March sometime in the last century and married on the 13th of December, Jane has done nothing but make things up for quite a long time now – which is also called writing stories. She reckons she has the best job in the world.

“I have always written. As a five year old, I was taken to see the Tutankhamen exhibition in London. Walking into the darkened museum rooms and seeing the golden boy-king’s mask made me feel like Howard Carter discovering the tomb for the first time. I wrote about it when I got back to school and the Reception teacher, Mrs Peck, told my parents that I would be a writer. My mum still has the story.

“I was also inspired by an author visit when I was 10 – the world famous fantasy writer Alan Garner who visited my primary school in Alderley Edge. Remembering his oral story-telling from 30 years ago still sends a tingle down my spine. What a marvellous man and astonishing writer.”

All Jane’s books are tried and tested on her Jack Russell dog, Pip. Quality control is therefore assured.

She has written over eighty books on a wide range of subjects that fascinate her from ancient civilizations to cage fighting. She won the Holyer An Gof Best Children’s Book for her historical novel ‘Pip of Pengersick – A Smuggler’s Tale’.

She lives near Pengersick Castle in Cornwall which featured on TV’s Most Haunted. She is sure this has nothing to do with the stories she writes.


I came across the word ‘malekin’ a few years ago. I hadn’t heard it before, and I really enjoy learning new words. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there’ll always be words that are new to you. So I had to look it up. It turned out to be a word that describes children with magical powers that have been brought up by fairies and gnomes. I thought it would make a really good story – how would a child brought up like that manage to live in the ordinary, non-magical world? How would she cope with school? What would she say when asked about her family? That was the starting point for Jess’s story.

Jane A C West

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